Our residential roof inspection and maintenance program serves as a protection plan for one of your principal assets – heading off problems before serious damage incurs and helping keep insurance costs down. The yearly contract includes one emergency call per year and two scheduled exterior inspections per year.

Why choose our residential roof inspection and maintenance package?

  • The majority of insurance claims filed for roof leaks come in under the deductible.
  • Did you know that each time you “call-in” an insurance claim it remains on your record – even if you switch insurance carriers?
  • Did you know that each claim carries the risk of raising your insurance costs?
  • As a property owner you will have a maintenance record on the exterior of your home.
  • In the event you need to file an insurance claim you will have a record that proves you have done your due diligence in maintaining the working order of your home.
  • Should you decide to sell your home you will be able to produce a maintenance record.
  • You will have a trustworthy partner to ensure that your home is in top condition and that you are getting a fair price for any repairs needed.

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How it works

The Bi-annual inspection will include: 360? walk around home noting condition of cladding, window(s) & screen(s), door(s), garage door(s), fencing, deck/porch, downspout, awning, etc… Roof inspection for proper installation & function of components, inspect gutter system. Blow roof off to remove debris thus reducing chances of water intrusion, as well as enhancing the appearance of the exterior of the dwelling.

Following each inspection a report will be submitted to property owner and copied to insurance agent. Report will detail findings and any repairs/maintenance completed both written and photos.

Other features of the roof inspection and maintenance package:

  • Reduced Rate Repairs/Maintenance: Reduced labor rate on repairs as well as gutter clean-out.
  • Replace any and all deteriorated pipe flashers to reduce the chances of interior water intrusion.
  • Repair any un-sealed/deteriorated wall and chimney flashing.
  • Emergency Call will include: Following a severe weather event we will provide full inspection and temporary tarping. Limited tree limb removal provided at a discounted rate.
  • Prices based on size and value of structure

Also consider this

Do you know what a plumbing collar is? How about a Pipe Boot? Deteriorated plumbing collars (or pipe boots) are one of the #1 causes for roof leaks and one of the top reasons insurance claims are filed for roof leaks. Most property owners are unaware that this is considered a maintenance issue and repair is rarely covered.

Do you know if your wall and chimney flashing are in proper working order? Another top reason for interior water stains and damage is from failing and/or deteriorated wall and chimney flashing.

Do you know what a nail pop is? Nail pops are caused by the natural expansion and contraction of the decking board (sheathing); this expansion/contraction causes the nails to back out of the decking board and through the shingles, thus creating an access or entry point for water intrusion.

When was the last time your gutters were cleaned-out? Debris filled gutters can cause a back-flow of water thus allowing water entry.

Is there debris sitting in the valleys on your roof? Similar to debris build-up in gutters; debris build-up in valleys or on slopes of the roof allows for water saturation and can lead to water intrusion as well as premature deterioration.

Are there tree limbs causing premature deterioration to your roof? Tree limbs touching or rubbing the roof can cause significant premature deterioration as well as failure of roof mechanism; much like a deteriorated pipe boot, tree damages are considered a maintenance issue for the homeowner.